Why You Should Date Someone Who is The Sushi To Your Ice Cream Cone

When you hear the words 'ice cream' and 'sushi' in the same sentence, your first thought is probably a stomach ache waiting to happen, but hear me out.

Ice cream is a safe choice. It's traditional, dependable and besides a few added nuts and sprinkles, what you see is what you get.

Sushi on the other hand is a more adventurous option. It's varied, a bit radical, and you usually have to take time to read a label to see all the ingredients inside this little seaweed roll.

Matthew is the sushi to my ice cream cone. 

On first glance, we may not seem a likely fit, but we are actually perfect together. As the ice cream in this relationship, I keep Matt grounded with my more traditional thinking. We always joke that if it wasn't for me, Matt may have not graduated from college because I was always there bugging him to stay focused and organized. I challenge Matt to think responsibly and to plan for the future.

On the other hand, Matt, as the sushi in our relationship, forces me out of my shell and encourages me to see the world. He keeps me social and alive with his random behaviors and middle of the week social gatherings. If it weren't for Matt, I would probably stay locked up in our apartment all day reading medical books and blogging.

Why do sushi and ice cream go together so well in relationships? These two personalities keep things interesting yet stable. It's like a balancing act. If two ice cream cones were together, life may not be all that exciting and if two sushi people were together, it is possible that they would never slow down and end up crashing and burning. Also, there are so many different varieties of ice cream and sushi, therefore it takes time and effort to find the right combination for you (or maybe you will get sick). For some reason, I have always attracted sushi people, not only as partners but as friends as well. Looking around you and seeing what type of people you attract is a good indication of what your real values are, which can help you when seeking a relationship.

So, what about you? Are you the sushi or the ice cream cone in your relationships?

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