The Melanated Bosses Series: Jacque Amadi

Inspired from the "Melanated Goddesses" movement, I present to you the Melanated Bosses Series: a series highlighting young, brown woman bosses from all over. Meet Jacque Amadi of Jacque of All Trades.
1. First, your are truly a "Jacque of All Trades", as your blog tells! Tell us about your many entrepreneurial ventures.
Thank you! Well, I love fashion and I previously ran an e-commerce shop solo-dolo out of my dorm room: Shop Lioness. It's still up, but for viewing pleasure only! I also love blogging and sharing knowledge as I learn it. That's where my current blog comes into play. I get to share lessons I've learned, motivate others and, through my online course (Build-a-Boutique), I can teach other young ladies to do the same thing I did in the past...but better! Oh, and I also casually sell cute mugs on Etsy because, I mean, who doesn't like cute mugs? No one, that's who.

2. Did you experience any unforseen struggles when starting your business(es)?
Honestly, the only struggle I've ever had is time. I'm a frugal Fran and a DIY queen so surprisingly my lack of start-up money was never an issue. When I wanted something, I made it happen, and I still do..even if I have to learn how to do it myself on the low! The real problem is finding the time to study, learn and grow while also going to school/work.
3.What inspires you to keep going?
Well, I'm a busy body. If I'm not doing something creative in my spare time I feel so weird, like I'm wasting time. Also, my faith is a huge motivator for me and I do believe you have to work hard and build yourself up so you can be a blessing to others. If that's not motivation then I don't know what is!

4. What inspired you to start your newest business, Mean Muggin'?
Well, I wouldn't call it a business, but a casual money making hobby haha! Honestly, I was bored one day and decided to play arts and crafts. I designed a mug using a gold sharpie and slapped it on Facebook. People started asking me when it would be available for purchase, I said a few days, and I opened up shop less than a week later! Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want! But the inspiration behind the designs? My love of all things pink, cute, and my refusal to be a true adult!
5. One thing that is very noticeable about you on your blog is that you have great style! How did you determine your personal style?
Thank you! Well, I've heard that my style is "whimsical", "adorable" and vintage. If it's pink, floral, lacy or poofy I'll probably like it. I adore modern gyaru style, and if I could get my clothes from anywhere in the world it'd be Japan for sure! But for now? I'm all about that thrift store

6. Do you have any quirky characteristics that you believe make you unique?
Oh boy where do I start? I love anime, especially Cowboy Bebop and Akira! For some reason, no one ever expects from me. Also, my inability to make small talk. People usually start off a new friendship by discussing sports or the weather. Not me! I'm always down to talk about fears, dreams, beliefs and goals from the jump.
7. Any advice to any 20-somethings out there wanting to start their own businesses?
Yes! My number one piece of advice is: It's ok to be scared of failure, but don't let that fear stop you from achieving your goals! The most successful people have failed the most. Don't believe me? Ask Oprah, Bill Gates, and more. You. Can. Do. It!

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