Hail To The Quirky, Brown Girl: No You Cannot Take My Black Card

So, because I speak with a proper vernacular, you think that you can take my "black card"?

For some reason, you think that you should be cashing in on my "black card" because you listen to hip hop, curse more than I do and can cite quotes from Friday.

I may listen to alternative music and prefer to go to local shows over tours, so how does that translate to you declining my "black card"? Because my diverse hobbies may include going to ComiCon, hiking, traveling, going to music festivals and dying my hair every color of the rainbow, you think that this makes me any less of a melanated goddess?

Sweetheart, if you think that my Black is limited by a contorted list of objectifying stereotypes, you are surely mistaken. I have no "black card" for you to take because my Black is not an object that can be bought, traded or stolen. Sure, you'll want to take my "black card" when you are feeling "down with the brown", but I am positive that you will return that card to sender as soon as ish hits the fan.

Every person is wonderfully created and I just happen to embrace all of my interests while not caring about what you think I should like.

So no, I am not the "Whitest Black Girl" that you have ever met. I am simply an extraordinary being and you should open your eyes and broaden your horizons to see all of the other extraorginary people of all races around you.

So while you continue to stay close-minded, I will continue to skip around spreading hippie love while spilling craft beer on the haters.


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