9 Travel Destinations in the Beautiful Continent of Africa

Some of the more popular summer destinations on everyone's bucket lists are in Europe and in The Caribbean; however, no continent has more life and beauty than Africa. 
Watching the news would have you to believe that the continent of Africa is underdeveloped and deserted, therefore, I have developed a list of 9 travel destinations in Africa that are on my personal bucket list to hopefully make you rethink your travel plans:
1. Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya
Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya
2. Bo-kaap District, Cape Town
Bo-kaap District, Cape Town
3. Kruger Park, South Africa
Kruger Park, South Africa

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
5. Swing Bridge,  Oribi Gorge, South Africa
Swing Bridge,  Oribi Gorge, South Africa
6. Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
7. The African Renaissance Monument, Dakar, Senegal
The African Renaissance Monument, Dakar, Senegal
8. Walker Bay Nature Reserve Walkway South Africa
Walker Bay Nature Reserve Walkway South Africa
9. The Seychelles, Near East Africa
The Seychelles, Near East Africa
This is no way a complete list of all of the amazing destinations in the beautiful continent of Africa, but hopefully this short list will change your perception and inspire you to plan a trip across seas. For inspiration, follow my Travel Pinterest Board!

What is your favorite destination in Africa?

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