Why Jidenna is the Perfect Role Model for the Millennial Black Male

This Brooklyn-raised singer of the instant hit "Classic Man" is winning over the hearts of music lovers everywhere. With the mentorship of Janelle Monae as the newest member of the Wondaland label, Jidenna is destined for success. He has an amazing voice, has charming style and is absolutely dapper.
Screen shot of Classic Man-Jidenna
I remember when I first heard "Classic Man" on the radio, I couldn't stop singing and dancing to it. It's one of those songs that get stuck in your head and you don't feel vulgar singing it in public. There is something so special about the sound of his music; however, it was when I watched the music video that I absolutely fell in love with the image that Jidenna and Wondaland are projecting.

There is a scene in the music video that shows two young men being held up and patted down by police. In the video, Jidenna and his crew, all well-dressed men in suits, help by talking to the police and convincing them to let the young men go with them. After the young men are released, Jidenna leads them to a sort of finishing academy of science and extracurricular activities to show them that there are better ways to occupy their time.
That scene in the music video reminds us that we are partly responsible for the actions of our youth and that we as a generation need to set the example. We need to set a standard for young, brown men and women, and those with influence need to start stepping up and doing their part (and singing about being "In Love With The Coco" is not the way to do it). The scene also reminds us how important personal appearance is to the way that we perceive people. Of course, we are not expected to walk around in suits and backless dressed 24/7; however, it is definitely necessary to dress respectfully if your goal is to command respect.

Jidenna definitely has respect for his image, as is evident in his many outfits throughout his music video and the way that he carries himself in interviews. When interviewed, he made it clear that his look is not just for show, but is a part of his style.
I am so excited for whatever Jidenna, Janelle Monae and the rest of Wondaland has coming for us. This dynamic group is ecclectic, creative and has the right movtivation to completely change the music game. Check out the "Classic Man" music video below and let me know what you think!

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