How To Be a Conscious, Black Couple in Today's Society

Quirky, Brown Love | How To Be a Conscious, Black Couple in Today's Society
James Baldwin said it best when he proclaimed, "To be [black] in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time." 

Truer words have never been spoken, especially in today's society in which the media is finally starting to catch wind of the mistreatment of the Black community by law enforcement. With such troubles at the forefront for discussion, you have a divide: some people decide to stay conscious about the agenda of the media and what is happening in our communities, while others decide to stay blissfully ignorant. For those of us that can't help but be conscious, we are lucky when we find a significant other who has a similar thought process to ours. There is a reason why people decide to stay ignorant-it's the easy way out. Here are some tips for couples that have decided to pay attention to the world that we live in.

1. Accept that some people will think you are crazy
You know the look that people give you when you start talking about you conspiracies, and the even stranger look they give when your significant other starts backing you up. Accept that some people are right there with you, while some others are still sleeping in blissful ignorance. #StayWoke.

2. Continue to take the news headlines lightly
By now, hopefully people are starting to realize that everything that the media puts out and focuses on is a part of an agenda (small example: if you listen to music just 2 years ago, nobody was rapping about "the coco", but now that marijuana is getting legalized...). Whenever I see a big and irrelevant headline, I make it a game to figure out what the government is really trying to cover up. It sucks that we have to do this, but 'tis life.

3.Have stimulating talks when you are both in the mood for talking
God knows that I love  stimulating talks, but I am not always for it when I am laying in bed or watching Netflix. Read your partner and know if they are in a mood to not only contribute to your conversation, but to even hear it at this moment in the first place.

4. Surround yourself around like-minded people and plan a change
You'll feel a lot less crazy if you surround yourself with people who are on the same wavelength as you. The best thing about doing this is that you will have more power to think about ways to actually make a change instead of just talking about it. Utilize that power to make a change in the world.

5. Have an escape plan ready
If all heck breaks loose in the States, you both need to know where the next move is going to be. I know that this probably sounds silly to some people, but it may give you peace of mind to both be passport ready and have an ideal new home just in case things go south. You gotta keep bae safe.

6.Know when to turn your brain off
Choosing to not be ignorant can be draining, with all of the researching and reading in between the headlines. It's great to keep talking about these issues if you are being productive and coming up with a solution; however, there comes a time in the night where your attention needs to be solely on your significant other. Enjoy each others company and stop watching Vice videos.

Do you consider yourself to be a conscious individual? How do you stay sane in today's society?

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