Changing The Discussion On Black Fathers- 21 Pictures of Everyday Black Fathers

Last month, I wrote an article called The New Standard for Young, Black Fathers that addressed the stereotype that Black fathers are absentee in their children's lives. One question that I asked was "what comes to mind when you hear someone say 'young, black father'?" Thanks to shows like The Maury Show, media "statistics" and even personal experience for some, our perception of Black fathers is not the best.

But what about all of the Black fathers out there that are raising our future professionals and entrepreneurs right now?
My dad and I when I was 17! circa 2009
Recently, I came across a blog on Tumblr called Dont Believe The Hype that displays Black fathers from all different backgrounds who are raising their children. I love that the curator of this blog features families in all different stages of the children's lives to show that Black fathers are there from the beginning, intermediate stages, graduation and beyond. Check out my favorite pictures below:

Make sure to check out the Don't Believe The Hype blog for more pictures.

Want to see an amazingly funny new black father in action? Check out the New Father Chronicles YouTube Channel!

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