6 Amazing Recipes To Spice Up Your Sunday Brunch

One tradition that has held, whether you are carefree or a person who likes the weekly gossip, is Sunday Brunch. Something about warm french toast, hash browns and bottomless mimosas just makes the upcoming work week all worth it. I'm the type of girl that can eat breakfast at anytime of the day, so "brunch" can be any day of the week. For my like-minded folks out there, here is a list of creative recipes to add to your weekly brunch repertoire:

1. Chicken & Waffle Sliders
Chicken & Waffles is a classic brunch recipe that everyone looks forward to trying. For your next brunch party, try setting out these adorably delicious chicken and waffle sliders, drizzled in syrup. Recipe here.

2. Frittaffles
Now doesn't this look fancy? Who knew that you could throw these ingredient into a waffle iron? Recipe here.

3. Blood Orange Mimosa Jello Shots
How cute is this? I actually got this idea from a friend. This idea is great for brunch or to confuse your friends at a party. Word of advice: use small oranges, let the jello set well before cutting, and use the left over oranges for a marmalade or for juicing. Recipe here.

4. Waffle-Iron Hashbrowns

Not sure how to make the frittata for your Frittaffle? Try using hashbrowns instead for an easy brunch dish that is sure to impress. Get fancy with it by adding some hand-chopped bacon, melted cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Recipe here.

5. Breakfast Pizza
This brunch idea is perfect for the morning after a night that just went a little 'too hard'. Rest easy and add this comfort food to your stomach. Recipe here.

6. Eggs & Ham Cups
This looks heavenly and is super easy to make. Recipe here.

Make sure to check out my Brunch Pinterest Board for more ideas! What are your favorite brunch recipes?

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