My Beautiful White Skin: Skin Lightening Among Indian Women

My Beautiful White Skin: Skin Lightening Among Indian Women
It is no secret that skin-bleaching is a popular and controversial part of many women's beauty routines in India. The culture as a whole seems to be under the impression that a 'whiter' life means a better life. Women in India are not the only ones who practice skin-bleaching or pigment alteration; however, they are probably the most marketed group for whitening cream and other skin lightening treatments. It is not rare to see a slew of commercials and print ads while walking through the country on any given day. Before you start to judge, think about all of the tanning bed commercials that you've seen in America. Some black women also participate in pigment altering tactics as well.

As I am not an Indian woman, I cannot correctly remark on why skin bleaching is so expected in Indian culture. I can only imagine, though the physiological and psychological damage that altering one's pigment can have on a person. The producers behind the short film, "My Beautiful White Skin" give insight on a woman who has decided to lighten her skin so that she can audition for a Bollywood film. Hopefully films like these open up the discussion on the effects of pigment alteration in all cultures and as well as the importance of being comfortable in your own skin.

What are your thoughts on pigment alteration?

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