Why I Stopped Waiting For Nicholas Sparks to Write a Love Story About Me

The reason that I started Quirky, Brown Love is because I was disappointed in the way that brown love was displayed in mainstream media (if even displayed at all) and it came apparent to me that there are really no movies about quirky, brown 20-somethings going on adventures and falling in love. For some reason in my head, I saw it as the ultimate 'validation' if Nicholas Sparks were to ever write a love story like The Notebook about anyone other than his typical  blonde-haired, American cherry pie couple. As if Nicholas Sparks writing a love story about a brown boy falling helplessly in love with a brown girl as they enjoyed a summer of love, would somehow show the world that we are all equal and that are love isn't as 'gangster' and hard as the media makes it out to be.
The Notebook
I am so tired of watching movies targeted to Black people or Latin American people that have oversexualized women, outrageously unfaithful men and baby mama drama. Why can't we have main characters that are just normal people who don't have sassy attitudes and ulterior motives? I want so badly for there to be a carefree and innocent young, brown female lead in a movie that listens to whatever music she likes, dresses appropriately, loves nature and is actually relatable.
One thing that I know for sure is that everything is put out in the media for a reason. Producers wouldn't be spending millions of dollars on these movies that poorly represent minorities if they weren't try to send out the message. Unfortunately, the only message that I am getting is, "if you are brown, your love can only be convoluted and will forever be complicated by infidelity and violence. If you were meant to be loved, you would have been born with less melanin. Sorry, but not sorry."
Now of course, Nicholas Sparks isn't the only author and producer who doesn't include his melanated brothers and sisters in his movies, but one does have to think whether or not this is purposeful. Some producers have actually come out and said that they don't cast people of color because white people can represent all races (say what?!). Others have said that they don't cast people of color because people of color can sympathize with the emotions of white people, but white people can't sympathize with the emotions of people of color. I say that both of these reasons are truly ignorant and part of the reason why it would take a backhand-slap from God to knock the racism out of the American system and way of life.

If Nicholas Sparks and any other producer does not want to produce a movie with decent brown lead actors, I will not wait for them to finally wake up and realize how closed minded they are. Instead, I will make more of an effort to seek out producers who will, no matter how small they start off. I have made the personal decision to no longer support producers who are outspoken about not casting people of color. The only reason that they are able to keep producing is because we continue to support them and we don't demand for them to change their story line. I'd rather spend my hard earned cash on someone who cares how I am represented. Real talk.

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