The New Standard for Young, Black Fathers

The New Standard for Young, Black Fathers
When you think of young, black father, what do you think of? 

Be honest.

Due to the media and possibly personal experience, you may be thinking of a deadbeat, child support owing black man that could very well be a prime candidate for The Maury Show. As much as I'd like to solely blame the media for this stereotype, statistics do show that black men are the least likely to play active roles in their child's upbringing. Why is this so? I've heard excuses such as not liking the mother of the child or that it is too much responsibility.
Is raising a baby hard work? Yes, without a doubt. Pregnancy, however, is a consequence of having sex, something that we have all learned from that uncomfortable 5th grade sex-ed class (and even if you had a pass out of class that day, I'm sure that you learned it at home).

I am sure that all of the active black fathers out there are tired that they get wrapped into this stereotype. Therefore, it brings me joy when I run across men like La Guardia Cross of the YouTube Sensation, New Father Chronicles.
LaGaurdiaCross New Father Chronicles

La Guardia Cross is a new father of a beautiful baby girl and his lovely wife works behind the scenes to help him capture some of his absolutely hilarious experiences of being a new father.
LaGaurdiaCross New Father Chronicles
On his YouTube Channel, you will find weekly vlogs about raising an infant and all the things that people warned you about childhood. One of my favorite things about New Father Chronicles is that La Guardia shows the reality of raising a child while also emphasizing the reward in doing so. He also talks about how important it was to be raised by his father, as well as how great his father turned even though he didn't have his biological father in his life.

My hope is that more young, black men run across his channel like I did so that we can have a new standard for black fathers in America.
LaGaurdiaCross New Father Chronicles

So, are you ready to laugh? Check out a few of my favorite videos from New Father Chronicles. Make sure to subscribe and tune in every Wednesday for a new video!

Do you think that black men like La Guardia are capable of changing the Dead-Beat Dad stereotype?

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