You Won't Believe How This Couple is Spending Their Engagement Year...

Straight out of a movie, I'd stay, only this is real life. 

When you think of the engagement year, you most likely think of planning a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties and updating your friends and family online about the events leading up to your big day. I'm right there with you on that train of thought. Therefore, when I heard that a couple was having an engagement tour, I did not know what to expect.

My first thoughts when I saw the picture above: Is this a movie? What is an engagement tour?

Meet Antoine Kinch and his beautiful bride-to-be, Shaunte Otey. This couple is the prime example of quirky, brown love. Antoine and Shaunte are both 37, both engineers and both have a love for travelling. Therefore, they could think of no better way to spend their year before marriage touring the world to party and gather with their friends. As self-proclaimed "nomads" this couple's engagement is fitting of their adventurous personalities.

Where are they going and where have the gone?
The couple has been partying it up in Milan, Munich, Prague, Paris, China, oh and of course both coasts of the USA. In each location, they only spent a max of 2 nights before continuing on the the next location.

Why this couple is so amazing
I am personally so happy that this couple's engagement year has received lots of recognition, including from The Root and other publications. So many people are under the impression that Black people don't travel or are too afraid to travel, so it is so refreshing to see thing couple in love touring the world.

Want to travel vicariously through the Kinch's? Follow their hashtag #TeandToine on Twitter!

What do you think of this couple's engagement tour?

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