Quirky Girl Guides: 7 Steps to Bohemian Home Decor

Bohemian Home Decor
A 'Quirky Girl' is eclectic, conscious yet has a carefree vibe.   

Thinking about transforming your home into your bohemian oasis, but not sure exactly how to get that look? Follow my easy guide that every Quirky Girl can follow to design the home of their dreams!
1. Kilim Rugs 
You can either get large area rugs or small rugs for the kitchen or bathroom
Kilim Rug

2. Door Tassels
Door Tassels

3. Low Maintenance Plants and Planters 
Examples include snake plants or zz plants
ZZ plant and snake plant
4. Accent Pillows 
my personal favorites are Flokati, Kantha, Moroccan Berber, Mexican Huipil and Turkish Kilim
Bohemian cushions, Accent Pillows
5. Suzani Blankets
Suzani Blankets

6. Wooden Wallpaper 
If you are in an apartment, you can even use contact paper for temporary wallpaper!
Wooden Wallpaper
7. Egg-Shaped Swing Chair with Stand
Egg-shaped chair

Hopefully you have been inspired to transform your space into your bohemian dream. Anything that you would add to the list?

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