How To Shop Black-Owned Businesses For Everyday Life

How To Shop Black-Owned Businesses For Everyday Life
In the midst of all of the publicized turmoil that Black America is facing, a lot of people have decided that they want to support more Black businesses. After the Michael Brown verdict, several people decided to get together and boycott big business on Black Friday, with good success. So now that Black Friday and the holidays over and the lives of Black people still aren't being valued as they should, are you still supporting black-owned businesses?

When you hear 'black-owned business' I'm sure that most people think of natural hair products and possibly a few gifts and trinkets. In your everyday life, however, hair products and trinkets aren't going to help you get through the day. Think about what brands are in your shower, on your face, in your pantry, and in your lunch boxes. I bet that I could guess at least half of the products in your house because they are the products in everyone's house. People have told me that it is too difficult to find black-owned businesses for everyday life, therefore I have come up with a list of my favorites to help everyone out. I hope that the way that I have organized this list helps your rethink black-owned businesses and helps point out the importance of circulating the black dollar within the black community.

Getting Ready in the Morning
Wash your body with: Pooka's Pomegranate Shower Gel ($12.99) or  Clenapure's Eucalyptus Olive Oil Bar Soap ($6.50)
Wash your face with: Skin Deep Facial Clensing Cream ($12) and scrub with the Belles Butters Cleansing Pad ($5)
Shampoo & condition your hair with: Your probably already have your favorites, but try out the Soultanical Products.
Need a new detangle brush? Try this one from Felicia Leatherwood ($16)
Moisturize with: Ixora Botanical Beauty's Palinoi Silk Body Custard ($12)
Brush your teeth with: Natty Natural's Herbal Tooth Powder ($15); seems expensive but because it is a powder and you mix it with coconut oil, a little goes a long way. Plus, when's the last time you've been able to know exactly what ingredients are in your Colgate toothpaste?
Rinse your mouth with : Natty Natural's Oral Mouth Rinse ($7)
Wash your clothes with: True detergent
"Beat your face" with: Hue Noir
Want Vegan Makeup? Try Valana Minerals
Need facial cleansing wipes? Use CLEANSE by Lauren Napier ($6)
Paint your nails with: Ginger + Liz 'Don't Kill My Vibe' Polish ($12) or Mischo Beauty's 'Love on Top' Polish ($18)

Make Pancakes with: Southern Culture Foods' Red Velvet Pancakes ($7.99) or The Breakfast Klub's Pancake and Waffle Mix ($5.99)
Eat grits with: Southern Culture Artisan's Garlic and Herb Grits ($8)
Cover your pancakes in : Michele's Honey Creme Syrup ($5.99)
Make toast with: Eden's Touch Bread Company (also offers gluten free! Currently redesigning website)
Slather your toast with: Slow Jams Blueberry Lavender Jam (to order email:
Drink loose leaf tea: Gullah Girl Tea's White Strawberry Ginger ($8)- cheaper than Teavanna's! 
Drink coffee: Stiver's Co ($13/pound) or Friday's Coffee ($14.99/pound)

Season your meals with: Momma Vi's Vibrant Seasonings, Chef Garvin's Spice Line or Soul Fit Grill
Buy Specialty Sausage at: Maroon Sausage Company Pineapple Jerk Chicken Sausage ($9.50)
*I'll keep adding on to this section as soon as I find more products

Cookies and Shortbreads!: Try Mr. Cory's Cookies (if you live in NJ) or anything from Carla Hall
Baking a cake? Try Real Men Cook sweet potato pound cake (and check out their charity!)
Kale Chips: Go to The Kale Factory
Granola bars: Try Nothin' But Foods Chocolate Lover's Delight
Gourmet Popcorn:Try the Good People Bacon Cheddar Popcorn or Pipcorn Truffle Popcorn (minority-owned)
Pretzels: Try anything from The Painted Pretzel
Beef Jerky/Biltong: Have you every had South African Biltong? Try Jonty Jacobs for a better alternative to beef jerky
Chocolate!: Switch out your Godiva for Courtney Paul Chocolates

-If you like sweet tea, check out Sweetie Pie's Kitchen for peach, berry and original sweet tea bottles.
*Check your local juice shops for black-owned fresh pressed juice.

...and these are only some of my favorites. Do you have any favorite daily essential black-owned businesses that are not on this list? I'll be updating periodically.

*Please share this list with everyone! If you really want to be the change in the black community, we all have to work together!

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