4 Black Comic Books for The Quirky, Brown Soul

In my heart lives a super fan girl.  I dream of one day having the courage to put on a costume and go to ComiCon! One common trait of the carefree spirit is to have several diverse hobbies and interests. Sometimes, nothing seems more fun that taking an afternoon to visit a comic book store and getting lost in an adventure. While these 4 black comic books may not all be on the shelves, they are definitely work checking out!

1. (H)afrocentric
This comic follows the lives on 4 undergraduates as they navigate through life in a gentrifying, uber-hipster world. Check out a preview of the comic book at their website! Not only will you find previews of the comics, but also an awesome mixtape!

2. Kinky & Carl E. Strandz
This comic is more realistic and touches on everyday encounters with racism. Check the comics out on the website!

3. Hard Wired

This comic focuses on a futuristic world in 2089 when Africa becomes a super power supplier of the world. Not only is the comic great, but the company, All Knights inspires black youth to follow their dream of producing illustrations. Check out the website here!

4.Legend of Mantamaji

If you are a big Marvel fan, Legend of Mantamaji will be your newest obsession! Check out their website to buy comics and get free art and wallpapers.

Do you have any favorite comics that should be added to the list?

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