Some Quirky Things About Me

Recently, I realized that I have been ranting and raving about random things that I find messed up about our world. I probably sound like a mad woman to people who don't know me! When I read my posts, I read them in my voice so when I say "hey, maybe you shouldn't do that" I have to realize that to people who don't know me, it may come off as "HEY!MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!!" 
Therefore, I have decided to throw in a few more personal posts to help build a relationship with you. That way, I'll hopefully come off more as a friend instead of someone with crazy woman rage.
Here's a little bit about me:
Name: Bryanda (Bree-on-da) or Bree
Age: 22 (July 4th, Cancer)
Ethnic Background: Both of my parents are Black-Americans...and so are my grandparents...and were my great grandparents (I've seen pictures). My great grandfather was actually a sharecropper in Mobile, Alabama.

How long have I been dating Matt?
It'll be 3 years officially on July 3rd! Before that, we knew each other for about 1 1/2 months. For more about the super random way that we met, read here!

Do I live with Matt?
Yep! We've lived together for about 1 1/2 years now with no problems.

How long have I been blogging?
I started blogging with another blog in 2011 but I have been blogging at Quirky, Brown Love since October 2014.

Am I in school?
I received my Bachelors of Science in Biology and now I'm doing a postbac program to take a few additional classes.
What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?
I want to show to the world that you cannot hold everyone to stereotypes, especially people of brown skin. Quite frankly, the mainstream media has done a horrible job representing so-called "minorities" and there isn't yet enough outlets out there to combat its destructive power. I want to scream at the top of the highest mountain and say "yes, I am a Black woman and no I do not have a sassy attitude! Yes, I like to work out, yes I can swim, yes I like to longboard, yes I'd go to ComiCon, yes I like sushi and yes I love to travel!" I know that there are Latin Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Americans from the Middle East who probably have their own spiel that they want to yell at the top of a mountain. I just want Quirky, Brown Love to be that mountain.

Career Goals?
I'll be applying to medical school this year! I hope to become a Pediatric GI physician. I've also started a nonprofit organization, Autism Youth Alliance.

-I'm left-handed
-I love pu'erh tea
-If there are no clean cups in my kitchen, I have no problem drinking out of my measuring cup (I actually kind of prefer it)

-I am the messiest, sanitation-freak ever...does that even make sense? I bleach down everything, wash my hands after touching everything and will not eat your food if you own an animal (unless I see you make it), but my room door stays closed out of necessity when guest come over. My clothes can just never seem to make it to my closet.
-I love to cook and am a great cook, but I burn my toast just about every morning!
Le toast...le struggle
-I read my horoscope everyday
-I'm a Christian but I participate in Lent every year to give up my kryptonite...CHOCOLATE!
Spongebob fans, who's with me?
-Spongebob and Finn from Adventure Time are my main cartoon men
-I love learning about parasites!
The most terrifying parasite I've come across!
How would I describe myself?
In my mind, I am a hippie but in reality being a modern hippie is expensive! If I had it my way, my apartment would be beautifully crafted with hanging plants, Suzani blankets and Moroccan throw pillows...

I feel like God has blessed me with the gift of seeing people in their purest form. When you meet people, it is hard not to judge, but I feel like I have a good handle on people's intent and try to only use precaution when necessary. I see life for what it really is, so I try not to judge people when they make seemingly odd decisions. You want to dance in the middle of the grocery store? Go ahead. Dressed like a superhero for no apparent reason? Be my guest. When you are a friend of mine, you are family and I go to the ends of the Earth for family. I've hosted many of people on my couch throughout this year alone and driven hours just to say Happy Birthday. Recently, I've had to be more selfish to make sure that I achieve my career goals, but I still try as much as I can to help people in need.
I started out as a very introverted and shy person. I use to always bite my nails and even to this day, I dread when I have to make a phone call to any type of office. Recently, I've been more extroverted because I don't see the point of not experiencing people and their different personalities. I feel like that's how you grow, in learning how you respond to different personalities. I've also recently started to become more honest with people. I use to hold my tongue or lie about how I was feeling and feel awful about it days later. Now, as nicely as possible, I tell people when I have a problem and afterwards we are still friends.
How would others describe me?
Probably as too innocent and too nice and possibly naive. I come off as younger than I really am, but that doesn't mean that I lack wisdom. I do a lot of observing and can read most people better than they think. Hopefully, people who actually know me would describe me as someone who would help them out of any situation...oh and I hope that I'm funny too.

Welp, that's a little bit about me! Hopefully we can still be friends =)

Anything that you wish that I covered? Leave me a comment below!

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