Brown Love Stories: Danielle and Shel

I am honored to introduce to you Danielle and Shel. You may recognize Danielle from her popular blog, Elle in Bloom. Danielle and Shel have known each other for over 20 years and have been married for 2 years. What a beautiful example of black love. Please enjoy the wonderful and quirky-cool story of their love below!
1. Names (Hers and His) 
Danielle & Shel

2. Ages (Hers and His) 
36 & 37

3. Length of relationship 
We’ll celebrate our second wedding anniversary on March 15th. 

4. How did you two meet? 
We first met in the fall of 1996 through a mutual friend. We were young but had an instant bond and connection.  
5. What makes your relationship "quirky" or unique? 
We’re complete opposites! I’m sensitive and idealistic while he’s analytical and practical. Yet that uniqueness between us draws us to each other, I think. We balance each other out.

6. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about him?
He likes to pull pranks. His favorite is the sneak attack - when he carefully creeps up and startles me. He thinks it’s very funny.  
7. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about her? 
Anything can make her cry - news stories, movies, puppy commercials, etc. It’s weird but cute at the same time.

8. Quirkiest moment and/or adventure?
At our wedding, the DJ played the wrong song for our first dance. For a minute we just stood and stared at each other (haha) but we let it flow and made light of it!

9. What will the back cover or your love story read? 
Meeting was fate. Becoming friends was a choice. Falling in love was beyond our control.

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