The Care-Free Black Girl: Why We Love Her

Who is The Care-Free Black Girl? A force to be reckoned with. 

The Care-Free Black Girl is a free woman. She has mentally broken the chains of stereotypes that society has forced her to bare. Don't let the word "carefree" confuse you. This woman cares a lot, but one thing that she does not care for are the limitations that anyone tries to set on her. This black girl is smart, witty and anything but petty. You will probably find her at a music festival, in her garden or hard at work either in the office or as an entrepreneur.
Check out our pictures below to see some of our favorite #CFBGs

flowy layers, bold jewelery, sweet specs, & rockin' natural? all kinds of yes.Issa Rae - I literally LOVE her #Awkwardblackgirl #ABG
chaka khan #perfecthuman
You Can Thank Me Now...
Erykah Badu!  She looks so free and carefree from stress, and problems.  I would love to feel that way today. :)
The Original Carefree Black Girl

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