Release Tension From Lower Back, Hips and Thighs With This Simple Yoga Pose

Yoga: Release Tension From Lower Back, Hips and Thighs With This Simple Yoga Pose

Hello, everyone! During the Quirky, Fit and Fabulous Challenge, I will be bringing you several guest posts from bloggers to help teach you new things and to inspire you on your journey to become 'Quirky, Fit and Fabulous' this year! Meet our guest blogger, Adeola from SHE GOT HER OWN as she shows you a yoga pose that will help you relieve tension.

The One Legged Knee to Chest yoga pose is one of the basic poses in the Ashtanga yoga practice. As we carry on our daily activities, we all detain tension and pressure  in our abdominal areas, which result in lower back pain, tightness of tights and hips. Thus it is crucial that we take a few minutes to release this tension and rejuvenate the energy flow in our body. After a week of hard work  and toils, take 15 minutes and indulge in this easy peasy pose.

How to:

Start by laying down on your back, make sure your legs and arms are straight. Hold no pressure at all, by focusing totally on your breathing.
Bring one knee to your chest as you inhale,
hold your shin with both hands and point your toes.
Make sure your other leg on the mat is relaxed and straight, you can bend it if you are beginner until you feel more comfortable.
The toes of both legs remain pointed as you take 5 to 10 breath in the position.
Exhale as to return your knee down and came back to starting position.
Do the same with the other knee.


Don't use any muscular strength, the aim is to release tension not to cause more.
Always coordinate each move with your breath.
Stay as long as your body allows you, don't push yourself.
Be patient and keep practicing.
Release back pain, hips and tights.
Stimulated digestives organs  and relief indigestion, constipation and acidity.
 What are your own ways to release all the daily tension?

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