Brown Love Stories: Carissa and Darrick

Joyous day, everyone! I am honored to introduce to you the amazing couple, Carissa and Darrick. You may know Carissa from her insanely popular and inspirational blog, The Green Eyed Lady. I am so happy that I got the chance to sit down and interview their love story. What a beautiful example of black love. Hope that you enjoy!

1. Names (Hers and His) 
Carissa and Darrick

2. Ages ( Hers and His) 
Carissa is 30 and Darrick is 38
3. Length of relationship 
We have been together total of 6 years, and on May 26, 2015 we will celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

4. How did you two meet? 
Darrick and I have known each other all our lives literally. We grew up together in the same church. But we started talking via Facebook…he sent me a message complimenting me on my blog and we hit it off from there. 

5. What makes your relationship "quirky" or unique? 
Our friendship…we truly are the best of friends!! We love to laugh and joke with each other, and during the hardest times these are the things that keep us going. 

6. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about him? 
Darrick loves jalapeƱo peppers on EVERYTHING! If he falls asleep when we are talking he wakes up and apologizes…every time! His hats and shoes have to match…so whatever color his hat is, he has on the matching shoes. 

7. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about her? 
Carissa doesn’t like for her feet to be touched, she never has on matching socks unless she is wearing a pair of mine.
8. Quirkiest moment and/or adventure? 
Darrick and I started off pretty quirky…we were talking on the phone before we went on our first date and we talked about meeting at Applebees for dinner and drinks. We discussed two locations, and the time to meet (not sure why I didn’t tell him to pick me up). So when I got to the restaurant I walked in and looked around the restaurant, I didn’t see him so I called and asked him where he was he said he was sitting at the bar. I told him I didn’t see him, he said Im sitting right here when you walk in. Something told me to ask him which location he was at, and he was at one location and I was at the other. He told me to sit there and he would be on his way. So I am often reminded of going to the wrong restaurant on our first date. 

9. What will the back cover or your love story read. 

Friends Forever…Lovers for Eternity 

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