Quirky, Brown Life Icon: Stephanie Nnamani aka Teff, The Don

Quirky, Brown Life Iconsomeone who lives their life beyond the norm that is expected of them based on society's expectations. An inspiration, a breath of fresh air and a cool chick all around.

Meet Stephanie. Born in Nigeria and raised in both London and New York, Stephanie has made a name for herself in the fashion blogging and photography industry. She is the girl that everyone follows on Tumblr and everyone loves on Instagram. She goes by a different alias, Teff "The Don" Fonzarelli; the "teff" is short for her first name. When asked in an interview to describe what makes her unique, she said "Others tend to see my unique quality more vividly than I do. I would  say my daring spirit, but there are other daring spirits. " Stephanie is a Quirky, Brown Life Icon because she displays her passion for art from the top of her braids to soles of her amazingly styled shoes.

Be a witness to Teff, The Don's amazing fashion sense:

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