Quirky, Brown Life Icon: Ragini Nag Rao

Quirky, Brown Life Iconsomeone who lives their life beyond the norm that is expected of them based on society's expectations. An inspiration, a breath of fresh air and a cool chick all around.

Meet Ragini. Ragini is the eccentric woman behind the blog, A Curious Fancy. On her blog, she showcases her amazingly chic and creative style. Her outfits all fit her self-proclaimed "fanciful and whimsical" spirit and she takes risks that other fashion bloggers have not. Ragini is a Quirky, Brown Life Icon because she is bold, daring and encourages her readers to be comfortable in their own skin. As a contributor to XO Jane, she has opened up about her abusive childhood, she explains why she has ditched her bra and tells about mishaps with dating others outside of her race.

Enjoy the many looks of Ms. Rao below:

Want to see more? Make sure to check out Ragini's blog, A Curious Fancy as well as her Facebook!

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