9 Absolutely Quirky Valentine's Day Cards from AllyElleCards

AS IS Funny 'I love you' card-Funny greeting card- just because card
If you have not heard of AllyElleCards, please do yourself a favor and check out this amazing black-owned business on Etsy. All of these cards were created by the owner, Elle Lewis and her sense of humor is right up my alley. Would you buy any of these cards?

1. "I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye"- Just in time for the Grammy's.
AS IS Funny 'I love you' card-Funny greeting card- just because card

2. "You Had Me At Beard"
3. "You Bae As F*CK"- Sometimes you just gotta let him know
4. "Your Face. I Like That Sh*t"
Funny Valentine card- cute love card- funny relationship card
5. "You Two Go Together Like Netflix and Wondering Where Your Day Went."
You two go together like...-Funny 'I love you' card- cute Valentine card
6. "You Dat Ish I Do Like"-oh, Chief Keef....
Chief Keef  Card-Funny ' I like you' greeting card
7. "You Are My Favorite Creeper"
8.  "No Big Deal"
Awkward love  card- This doesn't mean I like you
9."Besties Over Testes"- Had to throw this in for my single ladies out there!
Funny friendship card. Best friend card- "Besties before testes"

Make sure to check out AllyElleCards on Etsy!

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