Brown Love Stories: Katrina and Neal

Hello, everyone! Meet the wonderful Katrina from My Mommy Flies and her husband, Neal. I came across this couple after visiting Katrina's amazing travel-filled blog.What a beautiful example of black loveI hope that you enjoy Katrina and Neal's love story as much as I did!

1. Names (Hers and His) 
Katrina and Neal 

2. Ages ( Hers and His) 
30ish and 41

3. Length of relationship?
 10 years

4. How did you two meet? 
He said "She worked for me."  She said,"We worked together at a company we both worked for.  We had been casual office friends then started hanging out together.  He use to let me beat him in tennis.  One day he asked me to go out with him and some friends to a Common concert.  When I showed up to meet them it was just him.  He told me some story about how the other friends cancelled.  It was cool though we had a good time and spent the entire evening chatting at a diner. We became really good friends and one day we just decided to make a real commitment. We were married less than a year later."
5. What makes your relationship "quirky" or unique?  
We travel a lot as a family. We are always asked where our next destination will be. Our children had passports as soon as they were born. We realize how fortunate we are to be able to see the world as often as we do. We don't take it for granted. 

6. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about him? 
He cuts coupons and leave them to expire. He also has a 90's school boy humor. He says things like..."Deez nuts!"  I mean come on, who still says that?
7. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about her?
Don't let her 5'2 petite frame and vegetarian game fool you, Katrina can eat her weight plus some.  Our first date we ate at a diner and she ate everything on her plate and some of mine to!  That's what I love about her, she was never shy about her food.  She always enjoy a good meal.  

8. Quirkiest moment and/or adventure?
Last year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Paris.  On our very last day we had enjoyed an afternoon touring Josephine Baker's home and made plans to meet up with friends later at a Jazz club.  Well when we returned to the flat to get dressed for our last evening in Paris, he told me that he  locked the keys in the flat when we left earlier.   Basically we were locked out.   He contacted the owner for a spare key and made arrangements to meet them on the other side of Paris.  While he was gone one of the residents let me stay in their apartment. I hung out for hours with this lovely couple and their two adorable french kids.  The mother just so happened to be from New York, and was happy to have me as her guest.  He returned hours later with a Locksmith. When we finally had access to the flat I was exhausted and frustrated and didn't want to go anywhere. It was our last evening and we still hadn't put or lock on the famous Love Lock bridge.  After a few moments of realizing how blessed we were, in spite of the hardships of the day, we quickly changed our attitudes.  We got dressed to the nine for our last evening in Paris.  We made it to the club just in time to catch the last set.  We danced a little and celebrated being black and in love in Paris.  On our way back to the apartment we stopped at the Love Lock bridge and found the perfect spot to leave our mark.  It was such a beautiful moment for us to be there together and in good health.  Our last night in Paris was magical and unforgettable.
9. What will the back cover or your love story read.  
"The best thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." That was printed on our wedding program. I think it's very fitting for us.  We are learning acceptance everyday. It's the ultimate form of love. 

Make sure to check out Katrina's blog, as well as her social media sites.

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