7 Reasons Why You'll Never Find Your Husband or Wife on Tinder

Sounds harsh right? Okay, let me explain.

To start, I will go over briefly what Tinder is for any reasons who are not familiar. Tinder is a dating app (usually linked to Facebook) that allows you to look through all of the single people on Tinder in your area and decide whether or not you find them attractive. If you find them attractive you swipe right. If you don't find them appealing you swipe left. If you both swipe right, then it is a match and you are able to have a chat and possibly set up a date. If you swipe right but the other person swipes left, then there is no chance for you to talk to see if you are a match. I obviously don't have a Tinder, but I have several friends who do. From their experiences plus the several experiences found on YouTube, I have come up with 7 reasons why you will more than likely not find your husband or wife on Tinder:

1. Some People Are Not Photogenic Or Are Too Photogenic
I personally am not photogenic, so the thought of Tinder and Instagram absolutely terrify me. I am sure that there are several other terrified souls out there that feel the same way and either don't get a Tinder or get swiped to the left mercifulessly. On the other hand, some people can always find their good angle and right light that makes them look like gifts from God...until you see them in person.
2. Tinder Makes People Cynical
Tinder is fun and exciting until you realize that there are people out there just like you who are swiping your picture to the left. After this realization, some people may think that everyone in the world is superficial and that they will never find true love. Luckily, this is not the case!
3. People Be Lyin'
So every 20-something year old guy just happens to have a purse-sized puppy that you find adorable, is 6 feet tall and likes Taylor Swift? Give me a break.
4. You Only See What They Want You To See
Tinder is probably a dream come true for "showboaters" around the world. On Tinder, if you put one picture of you volunteering in Guatemala, you are a humanitarian. If you want people to think that you are an intellectual, snap a selfie of you in the library. Want to seem like a cool yet spiritual hipster? Leave an earthy, abstract quote about life in your bio. The list of manipulation goes on.
5. You Don't Know Who Else They Are Talking Too
So, I found the inspiration for this next point on YouTube. Apparently, there was this guy who was talking to a group of girl friends at the same time and didn't even know it. The crazy thing is that his seemingly genuine conversations were nothing more than copied and pasted phrases that he used with every girl. It would suck to know that you were just another girl on his list that he just copied and pasted with in conversation.
6. You Don't Know Their True Intentions
Tinder is technically a dating app, though it has gotten the nickname of "Grindr for straight people" (Grindr is a hook-up app for people of the same sex). Imagine going on a date with someone who you thought wanted a relationship, but was really under the impression that you were an easy lay.
7. Humans Are Not Programmed For Tinder
As a biologist, I know that there are several aspects that factor into an animal's attraction for another animal (yes, humans are animals!). Though physical attraction is a very important aspect, it is not the only aspect. What about pheremonal attraction (the chemicals that our bodies secrete), eye contact? Or the confidence they exude in the way that they walk? Tinder doesn't fully factor in a person's sarcasm or quirky twitches that you can't help but like. You could have just swiped away the person that just gets you and matched with the biggest douchebag/golddigger you could ever meet. 

Tinder is great if you are just looking for a casual date with someone attractive, but don't depend on it to find the love of your life.

Anything that you would add to the list? 

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