13 HD Stock Photo Websites For Bloggers and Creatives

Free stock photo websites are a great resource to bloggers and project developers alike. With Google, most people have forgotten that images still are copyrighted, so free stock photo websites can help protect you from embarrassing emails or even lawsuits. Though, not all stock photo websites are equal. I will share with you my favorite stock photo websites that don't require sign ups

1. Unsplash- Website
This is the website that I use the most often. It gives you 10 HD photos every 10 days and they are of a variety of different categories. My only complaint is that there is no way to search by category, though you can't really complain about such beautiful HD pictures!
Photo By Jeff Sheldon
Photo By Alexandr Schwarz

2. Little Visuals- Website
This website is like Unsplash, but the two main differences is that there a 7 new pictures every 7 days and I like that they have labels for the different categories that you can click on.

3.New Old Stock- Website
This is an amazing site for a vintage blogger! These photos are amazing and very oldtimey (hints the name of the site).
Kungsgatan (King street) in Avesta, Dalarna, Sweden
The Finnish Milkmaids

4. Gratisophy- Website
This is probably my new favorite website for stock photos. All of the photos have a retro feel and this site has probably the most variety of all of them. Some of these photos are just down right hilarious.
Picture by Ryan McGuire
Picture by Ryan McGuire
Picture by Ryan McGuire

5. Raumrot-Website
This is another website with great variety. Lots of food, landscapes and retro pictures. The pictures are also broken down by category.

6. Picography- Website
This website has lots of beautiful landscapes, ideal for a travel blogger.
Locked in Love
7. Pic Jumbo- Website
This is another one of my favorites because of the search button
Free image: Girl in Winter Fashion Coat
Free image: Another Colorful Fainfair: Bumper Cars!

8. IM Free- Website
This is an amazing site that has several categories. This is one of the few of these stock photo sites listed that have stock photos of people.

9. Jay Mantri- Website
This site was built on Tumblr and has very large, high quality photos of mostly landscapes.

10. ISO Republic- Website
Another great site full of pictures shot with a DSLR camera. It also has several good pictures of people, city and nature. Just make sure to download the pictures.

11. Foodies Feed- Website
Finally a stock photo website for the foodie in all of us! This would probably be a good resource for those with food blogs or healthy eating blogs. My only complaint is that you have to actually download the pictures instead of just copying it.

12. Public Domain Archive- Website
This website has a lot of the same photos from the other stock photo websites, so this is kind of like a one-stop website.
Public Domain Images – Golden Gate Bridge Orange Blue Sky Cables
Public Domain Images – Clothes Hanger T-Shirt Store Colors Numbers
13.  Death to the Stock Photo*-Website
So I put a star by this option because to see most of their pictures, you do have to sign up, but I definitely think that it is worth it! They deliver hand picked photos to your inbox. 

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