My Brief Thoughts on the Michael Brown Case

November 26, 2014

Good Morning, Everyone. In the blogger world, there have been mixed thoughts on sharing your thoughts on the events occuring in Ferguson, MO and the Michael Brown case. I, just like everyone else has made an opinion of the case and the evidence that has been presented; however, that is not what I have decided to share today. Most of us were not there or not in Missouri, so no matter what our opinion (in favor or against), it has been construed by the media at this point. My only thoughts that I would like to put out this morning is to think about the Brown family and keep them in your prayers as they experience this first holiday season without their son. People seem to forget that Michael Brown was a human being, a young man, a son. I can only imagine the emptiness his family feels due to this loss (of a son). In my opinion, no one deserves to lose their life unless they have taken the life of another. My prayers go out to his mother and father, who have gotten a college graduation, a wedding, a grandchild and a future caregiver in their elder years all taken away from them in one moment. So to anyone who wants to pass negative judgement about Michael Brown and his actions when faced with Darren Wilson, instead put those negative feelings towards the system that has consistently failed and oppressed us (and I'm not talking about the police force) as well as the agendas of the mass media and use your power to make a change. 
Stay blessed this holiday season..

Brown Love Stories: Inez and Johnathan

November 15, 2014
Good Saturday morning everyone! I am very ecstatic about introducing you to an amazing couple, Inez and Johnathan. Their love story is one that is only heard of in the movies. I "e-met" Inez through MeetUp in our town and I am looking forward to our friendship in the future. I hope that you enjoy:
Photo Credit: Charo+Mike Photo
1. Names (Hers and His) 
Inez and Johnathan

2. Ages ( Hers and His) 
34 and 34

3. Length of relationship 
Together since Nov 2002 (12yrs) ; Married since Nov 2009 (5yrs)

4. How did you two meet?
We met through mutual friends, although at the time we didn't know how connected we actually were.  Short story long:
I (Inez) was invited by some friends to head to Raleigh from Charlotte for an ASA (Asian Student Association) party.  The promise was that I would be hooked up with a nice Asian boy, since all of my romantic interests were "losers".  I came up just for a change of pace but had no interest in dating.  Jonathan was invited up by a mutual friend/former college roommate (Kim) of my friend, Sam.  Kim invited Jon after running into him randomly on campus at NC State.  She said, come out, a bunch of us are going to a party and celebrating my birthday. I promise to hook you up with a nice Asian girl...
Jonathan shows up at Kim's apartment (where my friends and I were crashing for the weekend) and immediately begins to flirt with me.  I ignore him as best I can.  He uses lame pick up line after lame pick up line on the car ride out to Durham for the party, the most memorable being, "Did you know I was the original St. Lunatic?" - prompted by Nelly's Hot In Herre coming on the radio  - I reply, "Oh yea? What happened?"  Him, "They kicked me out of the group because my band-aid kept falling off my face."  Exit stage left, right?  I was eager to get away from this goofball.
We finally arrive in Durham, I run to one of my other friends and say HELP! This strange white guy will not leave me alone. She promises to have my back and keep him at bay the rest of the night... only to spot him and yell out "Jon boy!!!! I haven't seen you in forever, come give me a hug!"
Yeah... so, no back up from the friends. In an effort to play my own defense, I decide to stay sober to avoid this guy at all costs.
The night goes on, we're dancing and I get hit on by two guys not in our group.  I scan the crowd for my friends, and the only familiar face I see is Jonathan's.  I run over to him, ask if he can dance, and pull his arm to follow me on the dance floor.  I beg him not to talk to me - just to keep up while I continue to look for my friends.
Circa 2002
As we are all leaving for the night, I lost my balance (4" platforms) and Jonathan catches my arm and cleverly interlocks fingers.  Being that he just saved me from embarrassment, it felt rude to let his hand go. So we continue holding hands to the car.  In the car, I am ready to fall asleep. He offers up his shoulder.  I pass out.  He wakes me when we're back in Raleigh - I pull my head away from his shoulder and a long, slobbery, drool bubble follows.  :)

Anyway, we get to the apartment and all I want to do is sleep. It's 4AM...but the party doesn't stop, as everyone has been invited back to their place for the after party.  YAY! (not)

I curl up in a corner and throw my coat over my head to sleep.  Jonathan taps me on the leg, mentions he is leaving. I say bye. Throw the coat back over my head. He taps my leg again, and offers up his couch stating his apartment is just on the other side of Shelley Lake.  Promising that his mother would be so disappointed in him if he left and let me sleep on the floor.
After getting as much intel as as I can from my drunk friends, I decide to leave with him.  I get to his apartment door and Sam calls me demanding to know where I am.  I tell her I'm with Jonathan and she warns me not to go into his apartment - she's too drunk to drive, but she'll get in a canoe and come save me.  I panic!  He promises that no harm will come to me, at this point I am so exhausted, I go in, take a shower and go to bed.

The next morning he drives me back to my friend's place (after a failed attempt at fixing me breakfast).  I honestly think I'll never see him again.  But my friends decide it would be fun to prank call him throughout the day from my phone.  He finally calls back later that afternoon, demanding to know who is calling him and why. I didn't realize my friends were doing this - so I demand to know who he is.  He realizes it's me and asks what we were getting into that night. I tell him we we're going to a bar to shoot pool and drink. I invite him out.  He says he already has plans but it was nice talking to me and hangs up.
I go out with my friends that night and I get totally hammered.  He shows up.  I begin flirting with him intensely, asking if he'd planned on letting me sleep on the floor that night.  He invites me back to his place and made a lovely breakfast the next morning.  We cuddled on the couch, watched Sunday football and talked for the rest of the afternoon.  It was like we'd known each other forever.

Three weeks later... it's Thanksgiving.  My friends and I had planned to head out to meet up with old friends in Uptown Charlotte.  As we are leaving the parking deck, I mention to my friends I'd spotted a car that looked familiar.  Turns out it was Jonathan's car.  He was standing at the elevator just as we were approaching.  We get on the elevator and awkwardly say "Hi" "Been meaning to call you" etc.,,,

We walk down the street just catching up and eventually arrive at the bar.  I tell him,"This is my stop - I'm meeting some friends in here."  He  realizes he is also meeting friends at the same bar, and says, "Guess I'll see you around."  We part ways. He goes to the left.  I go to the right with my girlfriends.  We see our friends - everyone is hugging and greeting one another.  Just then one of the guys looks up and says, "Hey Jon Boy is here" and I look at the other end of the room to see Jonathan.  He greets his buddies and makes his way through the crowd and stands next to me.  We hold hands,  look at each other and smile.
Turns out we were meeting the same group of friends.  We've been inseparable ever since.
She said yes! Circa Italy, 2008
5. What makes your relationship "quirky" or unique? 
In so many ways, we are complete opposites.  He's the sarcastic but sweet, Southern Jewish boy.  She's the head in the clouds, heart on her sleeve ex-military brat.  We've traveled the world separately and together and the longer we are together we realize there are so many people from our past that we've known at different stages of our lives before we'd even met.  It makes us feel more connected.  The story of how we met, all of these connections that we continue to discover it just feels like fate.  And that is the quirkiest thing to both of us because this only happens in the movies, right?

6. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about him? 
He has no tolerance for drama.  He trash talks all of the reality TV shows/celebrity gossip rags and yet he loves to watch "The Bad Girls Club".
7. What is one quirky habit that you have learned about her? 
She has a bad habit of explaining some random moment, in vivid detail, ^^ see above ^^ and then if it's something she's not 100% sure of, will end it with "if that makes any sense, I mean, it does but it doesn't" ... I always think, are you having this conversation by yourself, love?  It cracks me up.
8. Quirkiest moment and/or adventure? 
Our entire love story thus far has been a quirky adventure.  We've conquered bad friendships with negative energy, family clans that couldn't be more different, career changes, a not so romantic but truly epic engagement in Italy, the selling of his bachelor pad, the purchase of our first home, two moves, and making a baby... it all seems so quirky and unfair to pick just one.  But so far the best adventure has been being parents to our daughter, Marley Sinclair.
Photo Credit: Gypsy Rain Photography

9. What will the back cover or your love story read.
"Some one night stands last for a lifetime. "

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QBL's first Giveaway!-CLOSED

November 07, 2014

That's right guys! I am so excited about the welcoming response that I have received from the online blogging community that I have decided to do a giveaway. So what is the prize? Recently I have been absolutely obsessed with buying things from Amazon and I figure that I am not alone!

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