My Brief Thoughts on the Michael Brown Case

Good Morning, Everyone. In the blogger world, there have been mixed thoughts on sharing your thoughts on the events occuring in Ferguson, MO and the Michael Brown case. I, just like everyone else has made an opinion of the case and the evidence that has been presented; however, that is not what I have decided to share today. Most of us were not there or not in Missouri, so no matter what our opinion (in favor or against), it has been construed by the media at this point. My only thoughts that I would like to put out this morning is to think about the Brown family and keep them in your prayers as they experience this first holiday season without their son. People seem to forget that Michael Brown was a human being, a young man, a son. I can only imagine the emptiness his family feels due to this loss (of a son). In my opinion, no one deserves to lose their life unless they have taken the life of another. My prayers go out to his mother and father, who have gotten a college graduation, a wedding, a grandchild and a future caregiver in their elder years all taken away from them in one moment. So to anyone who wants to pass negative judgement about Michael Brown and his actions when faced with Darren Wilson, instead put those negative feelings towards the system that has consistently failed and oppressed us (and I'm not talking about the police force) as well as the agendas of the mass media and use your power to make a change. 
Stay blessed this holiday season..

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